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Liquigraph is a database refactoring tool

It helps you maintain your Neo4j database state by defining and executing migrations.

This project is heavily inspired from Liquibase.

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What version of Liquigraph should I use? tl;dr

Liquigraph 1.x has never been generally available and release candidates should not be used.

If you are still using Neo4j 2.x, please use Liquigraph 2.x (which uses a fork of the legacy JDBC driver). Note that some of its third-party dependencies cannot be upgraded due to conflicting JDK requirements and may cause security issues.

For Neo4j 3.x and 4.x respectively, please use Liquigraph 3.x and 4.x.

See in the table below to pick the right Liquigraph version for your usecase.

Version matrix
Liquigraph version Neo4j version Underlying JDBC driver Supported connection modes JRE requirements
1.x discontinued
2.x 2.x Legacy JDBC Driver (fork) Embedded (2.x), HTTP (2.x) JRE 7
3.x 3.x Official JDBC Driver HTTP (3.x), Bolt (3.x), Bolt+Routing (3.x) JRE 8
4.x 4.x Official JDBC Driver HTTP (4.x), Bolt (4.x), Bolt+Routing (4.x) JRE 11

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