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Database refactoring automation for Neo4j, the leading graph database.


Liquigraph is a database refactoring tool. It helps you maintain your Neo4j database state by defining and incrementally executing migrations.

This project is heavily inspired by Liquibase. Users will find many similarities in the terms that Liquigraph and Liquibase use.


Liquigraph versions are aligned with Neo4j major versions.

Liquigraph 1.x has never been released as a generally available version. Its documentation has been removed entirely.

Liquigraph 2.x (for Neo4j 2.x) is available but should not be used anymore.

Only the Liquigraph 3.x (for Neo4j 3.x) and 4.x (for Neo4j 4.x) are actively maintained.


The following versions of Neo4j are currently available:

  • 3.5.x: which is a LTS release
  • 4.x: which includes the latest features

If you are using an older Neo4j version, make sure to upgrade first!