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Liquigraph is a database refactoring tool

It helps you maintain your Neo4j database state by defining and executing migrations in a variety of ways. This project is heavily inspired from Liquibase.

What version should I use? tl;dr

Liquigraph started when the first versions of Neo4j 2.0 were released. The project was still going towards 1.0 and release candidates were pushed. Time has passed, several major versions have been released and a new JDBC driver, for Neo4j 3.x, has been designed. This new JDBC driver is not feature-complete yet and cannot replace entirely the legacy JDBC driver (see this usecase matrix for more details).

As you can see in the table below, some usecases are not supported yet by the new JDBC driver (legacy HTTP API, legacy and embedded API), which has led to two main development branches. We sincerely hope to get back to a single main development and version branch at some point.

Version matrix
Liquigraph version Neo4j version Underlying JDBC driver Supported connection modes
1.x discontinued
2.x 2.x Legacy JDBC Driver Embedded (2.x), HTTP (2.x)
3.x 3.x Official JDBC Driver HTTP (3.x), Bolt (3.x)

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